The Grammar Schools

All of Gloucestershire’s grammar schools now have Academy status.

Pate’s Grammar School – Headmaster – Mr Russel Ellicott
One of the oldest schools in the country with the very highest reputation. Pates is co-educational and the only grammar school in Cheltenham. Pate’s has been historically placed at the top of the school league tables and the most recent rankings place Pate’s as the best co-ed grammar school in the country. From 2016 entry Pate’s will select the top 150 applicants each year. Ofsted rated the school as ‘outstandiing’ in October 2011 and 2010 saw 31 Oxbridge entrants. Published admission number – 150. Total pupils – 1005.

Sir Thomas Rich’s – Headmaster – Mr Matthew Morgan
Also a school with many centuries of history, Sir Thomas Rich’s is a boys only grammar in Oakleaze, Gloucester. The school has recently launched a trial programme of ‘Enhanced Learning Opportunities’ for Junior School Children. Rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2007, the school has been awarded specialist status as a language, science and mentor college. Sir Thomas Rich has a hugely popular mixed 6th form. Published admission number – 150. Total pupils 862.

The Crypt School – Headmaster – Nicholas Dyer
Established in the early 15th century, the Crypt is a mixed grammar school with a mixed sixth form. The school has recently adopted a ‘Positive Learning Plus’ initiative aimed at staff motivating better pupil performance and behaviour though praise and positive reinforcement. Latest Ofsted report rates The Crypt School outstanding in all areas. Published admission number – 150. Total pupils 785.

Marling School – Dr Stuart Wilson
A boys only grammar school with a strong emphasis on Engineering; became a specialist school in this in 2007. Situated in Stroud. Published admission number – 150. Total pupils 848.

High School for Girls – Headteacher – Miss Claire Giblin
Still widely referred to locally by its old name ‘Denmark Road, The High School for Girls ( girls only, obviously! ) has had Language College status since 2002. Rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2006. The school has a mixed sixth form with approximately 30 boys. 
Published admission number – 150. Total pupils 850.

Ribston Hall – Headteacher – Joint Assistant Headmasters Alec Waters and Andy Barnard
Ribston is a girls grammar to the south of Gloucester city centre. The school has an impressive dance and drama studio and the school became Gloucestershire’s first Specialist Humanities College in 2005. Ribston Hall has a mixed sixth form.
Published admission number – 120. Total pupils 822.

Stroud High School – Headmaster – Mr Mark McShane
Stroud High School is a girls only grammar ( although right next door, conveniently, to Marling! ) and gained specialist college status in Science/Maths (2004)and Languages (2008) Published admission number – 120. Total pupils 896.