Pass the 11 Plus in Gloucestershire

Private tutors – necessary to pass 11 Plus in Gloucestershire?

Gloucestershire still retains seven grammar schools in the county, all of which have no particular catchment area and are therefore open to applications from all year 6 pupils from anywhere in the country. Grammar school places in Gloucestershire are highly sought after and competition is fierce. Our tuition service is tailored around the specific requirements used in the county and will give your child the very best chance to succeed and pass the 11 Plus in Gloucestershire.

The Gloucestershire 11+ examination changed in 2014 and the tests are currently being written and prepared by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at the University of Durham(CEM).

Test day for the tests in 2018 has been announced and will be Saturday 15th September.

Results will be available by Monday 15th October 2018.

CEM claim the tests are tutor-proof and they will not publish any practice papers. Whilst it may be true that children cannot be tutored to pass in the same way as the previous GL format, our experience of the first year of CEM has taught us that much broader and more in-depth skills are necessary; especially in maths and vocabulary.