About me

Having been educated in a grammar school myself,  I believe in selective schools and I think that a grammar school education offers the very best foundation with which to gain the necessary GCSE’s and ‘A’ level results to gain entry to top universities.

Having spent many years in IT management, my long commute eventually became incompatible with the demands of a young family. I gave up full time work several years ago to focus on our two daughters while they were small. During this time I worked for several small local businesses; providing IT support.

I discovered that I was able to help my daughters in ways that their school couldn’t by filling in key gaps in their learning and building up their speed and confidence with the trickier questions. Both gained places at grammar schools and I learned an enormous amount about exam preparation along the way.
The great improvements we made in their practice paper performance led me to believe that most children will benefit from guidance like this. I began helping the children of friends and achieved excellent results with them too.
This is the tenth year that I have tutored professionally and I am very proud of the fact that every child I have tutored has gained a place at a local grammar school.

Working with children towards their eleven plus is first and foremost about building trust and confidence. I pride myself on helping them to overcome their natural fears about an exam that adults attach such importance to. Once children appreciate how much they can improve their results with a little effort, their natural enthusiasm kicks in and makes the task rewarding and fulfilling.
I live in Deerhurst which is between Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury. I normally work at home but I can come to your preferred location by arrangement.

I am fully DBS checked and can provide references on request.

Best, Tracey

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