One-to-one 11 plus tuition

My aim is to adopt a flexible, less regimented approach to structuring your son or daughter’s study plan. I concentrate on strategies that produce results, starting with getting to know them properly; understand their likes/dislikes and focus initially on their strengths; identify which areas need to be looked at and improved.
Your son or daughter will receive complete 1-1 tuition which is the very best way to promote quicker understanding and learning.

Broadly, my aim is to teach the core skills needed for success :
Expand and enrich your son or daughter’s grammar and vocabulary and comprehension skills.
Ensure all KS2 maths are learnt and are solid.
Teach every single type of NVR that there could possibly be! No, there aren’t just 12 types.

Alongside the tuition I provide targeted homework which I try to personalize for each student. For example: it is much nicer for a child to learn new vocabulary by working through a cloze passage or comprehension if the subject matter is something they are actually interested in!

Once all the areas have been taught, start to apply those skills by starting to work on CEM style papers and to build up speed and confidence.